Teaching and Advising Awards Committee

The Teaching and Advising Awards are the result of Legislation outlined in Chancellor’s Memorandum #95-01 and CM-C-01.00-04/96 which includes the University awards allocation and instructions for the annual report. Every three years the University must submit a proposal for awarding the funds. At the end of each year, a report must be submitted to the Division of Colleges and Universities, Florida Board of Education (FBOE), following the format outlined in the Chancellor’s Memorandum.

The University Teaching and Advising Awards Committee is appointed by the Provost. Members of the committee must be prior recipients of either a university teaching award or university advising award. Appointment to the committee is for a three-year term. The Provost appoints the committee chair for a one-year term. The committee chair may serve additional terms as chair. The committee should preferably be composed of at least 11 faculty members and four students. The four students would ideally be comprised of two undergraduate students and two graduate students. The committee should be appointed in September and functions year-round with primary responsibilities during Spring Term. Awards are given at the Faculty Awards Ceremony held in April of each year. The Provost presents the awards.

Funding for these awards consists of $59,500 made up of 26 awards at $2,000 each covering undergraduate teaching and advising (18 total) and graduate teaching (8); and one Distinguished Teacher Award of $7,500.

The committee determines criteria and procedures for selection of recipients.

Updated 5/5/14