Solicitation of Nomination Information Including Categories of Awards

This message will be sent out annually as an Important Announcement email blast, and also for three weeks as a part of the University Announcements emails to Faculty, Staff and Students:

As our ascent in national regard indicates, FSU is an outstanding place to learn! To honor the remarkable teaching and learning that take place here, we request nominations for the following teaching and advising awards. We invite nominations from students, alumni, faculty, administrators, and community members. Self-nominations are also welcome. Regardless of academic department or rank, all full-time faculty who teach are eligible to be nominated (see last paragraph for specifics) in the following categories:

Foundational Course Excellence (undergraduate)

  • Excellent introductory courses are essential for building strong foundations for the rest of our students’ education. Foundational courses are lower-division and usually have high enrollment in each section (or across many sections).
  • This award honors faculty who effectively and consistently provide students with the tools they need to succeed in downstream courses and in their careers.

Outstanding Teaching in the Major (undergraduate)

  • This award honors faculty who teach outstanding courses in which students develop disciplinary expertise in their major.
  • Faculty teaching upper-division courses in any major are eligible.

Outstanding Undergraduate Advising

  • This award honors faculty or A&P staff whose position consists mainly of advising undergraduate students.

Outstanding Graduate Teaching

  • This award honors faculty who help graduate students develop their disciplinary expertise, whether in formal coursework or through advising theses, dissertations, recitals, etc.

Community Engaged Teaching (graduate and undergraduate)

  • FSU is proud to hold a Carnegie Community Engagement Classification.
  • This award honors faculty who teach exemplary courses in which students engage with the broader community through service learning, community writing, public scholarship, or similar. Community partners may also nominate faculty for this award.

Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring (graduate and undergraduate)

  • This award honors faculty who teach courses in which the learning environment is explicitly designed to be inclusive and equitable so that all students can flourish. These faculty attend to both course design and classroom dynamics, leveraging students’ strengths and resources while reducing or eliminating opportunity gaps.
  • This award may also honor faculty who serve as role models or mentor students beyond the classroom.

Innovation in Teaching (graduate and undergraduate)

  • This award honors faculty who have invested considerable time and effort into transforming the learning experiences they provide for their students.
  • Nominees should be able to describe the transformation of their course over time and provide evidence of student learning gains.

Excellence in Online Teaching (graduate and undergraduate)

  • This award recognizes outstanding and innovative teaching in distance learning courses.
  • To be eligible, nominees must have developed a distance learning course that has passed a Quality Matters review or been certified through the FSU Online Quality Initiative.

Faculty need to have taught at FSU for a minimum of two years and have not won a teaching award in the last five years to be eligible at this time. Undergraduate advising nominees must have advised at FSU for a minimum of one full year. The Distinguished Teacher Award nominees will be determined after nominations are submitted.

Nominations are due by midnight, December 15th, 2023. Submit nominations here.

Nominees will be contacted with instructions for application.