Seven-Year Internal Review Cycle

20.1000 Institute for Fishery Resource Ecology (IFRE) A&S 2008-09 Dr. Felicia C. Coleman
20.0190 Communication Research Center—(Name change from Communication Research Center, effective 07/07/00; change back from Florida Government Performance Survey Research Center, approved 2/3/06) COMM 2008-09 Dr. Barry Sapolsky
20.0850 L.L. Schendel Speech and Hearing Clinic COMM 2008-09 Dr. Lisa Scott
20.1330 Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication COMM 2008-09 Dr. Felipe Korzenny
20.1340 FSU Project Management Center COMM 2008-09 Dr. John DuBard
20.1310 Center for Advanced Power Systems OVPR 2008-09 Dr. Steinar Dale
20.0240 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute (GFDI) A&S 2009-10 Dr. Carol Anne Clayson
20.1410 Karst Environmental Center (KEC) A&S 2009-10 Dr. Bill (Xiaolong) Hu
20.1260 Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research CRIM 2009-10 Dr. Thomas Blomberg
20.0860 Hardee Center for Leadership and Values EDUC 2009-10 Dr. Jon Dalton
20.0200 Center for Marriage and Family Therapy HUM SCI 2009-10 Dr. Wayne Denton
20.0210 Florida State University Family Institute HUM SCI 2009-10 Dr. Frank Fincham
20.1224 Florida Inter-University Center for Child, Family & Community Studies HUM SCI 2009-10 Dr. Ann Mullis
20.1280 Center for Retail Merchandising and Product Development HUM SCI 2009-10 Ms. Ann Langston
20.0330 Learning Systems Institute (LSI) PROG DEVP 2009-10 Dr. Laura Lang
20.0260 Institute for Academic Leadership PROV 2009-10 Dr. Lawrence G. Abele
20.0290 Institute for Social Work Research (Previously Institute for Health and Human Services, name change approved 9/22/05) SOC WK 2009-10 Dr. Scott Ryan
20.0990 Institute for Family Violence Studies SOC WK 2009-10 Ms. Karen Oehme
20.1100 Trinity Institute for the Addictions SOC WK 2009-10 Dr. Scott Ryan
20.0960 Statistical Consulting Center A&S 2010-11 Dr. Steve Ramsier
20.0560 Center for Intensive English Studies EDUC 2010-11 Dr. Patrick Kennell
20.0620 Center for the Study of Technology in Counseling and Career Development EDUC 2010-11 Dr. James Sampson
20.9070 John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government (SUS) ISPA 2010-11 Dr. Jeff Hendry
20.1350 Center for the Study of Democratic Performance SOC SCI 2010-11 Dr. William Berry
20.9060 LeRoy Collins Institute (SUS)—(Previously Collins Center for Public Policy, name change approved 10/23/02) SOC SCI 2010-11 Dr. Carol Weissert
20.1320 Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography VATD 2010-11 Jennifer S.B. Calienes
20.0810 Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution A&S 2012-13 Dr. Rafe Blaufarb
20.0870 Middle East Studies Center—(trans. approved 10/18/02 from Social Sciences) A&S 2011-12 Dr. Peter Garretson
20.1040 Institute on World War II and the Human Experience A&S 2011-12 Dr. William Oldson
20.1230 Center for Intelligent Systems, Control and Robotics (CISCOR) ENG 2011-12 Dr. Emmanuel G. Collins
20.1300 High Performance Materials Institute ENG 2011-12 Mr. Frank Allen
20.1400 Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion Technologies (FCAAP) ENG 2011-12 Dr. Farrukh Alvi
20.8040 Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering Center (SESEC) ENG 2011-12 Dr. Anjaneyulu Krothapalli
20.1290 Center on Better Health and Life for Underserved Populations HUM SCI 2011-12 Dr. Penny Ralston
20.0050 Center for Biomedical and Toxicological Research and Hazardous Waste Management ISPA 2012-13 Dr. John Moerlins
20.0150 Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy ISPA 2011-12 Dr. Mimi Graham
20.0220 Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium & FCRC Consensus Center ISPA 2011-12 Dr. Robert M. Jones
20.0230 Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center (FREAC) ISPA 2011-12 Mr. James R. Anderson, Jr.
20.0320 Institute of Science and Public Affairs (ISPA) ISPA 2011-12 Dr. Robert B. Bradley
20.0440 Beaches and Shores Resource Center ISPA 2011-12 Dr. Todd L. Walton, Jr.
20.0520 Institute for Cooperative Environmental Research (ICER)—Note: serves as parent center for the following four listed sub-centers directed by Dr. Herndon ISPA 2012-13 Dr. John Moerlins
20.0525 Czech/American Joint Center for Environmental Research ISPA 2012-13 Dr. John Moerlins
20.0526 Hungarian/American Joint Center for Environmental Research—(name change from Center for Hungarian/American Environmental Research, Studies and Exchange) ISPA 2012-13 Dr. John Moerlins
20.0527 Polish/American Joint Center for Environmental Research ISPA 2012-13 Dr. John Moerlins
20.0528 Russian/American Joint Center for Environmental Research ISPA 2012-13 Dr. John Moerlins
20.0730 Florida State Climate Center—(Sub-unit of COAPS) ISPA 2011-12 David Zierden
20.1110 Center for the Advancement of Human Rights ISPA 2011-12 Dr. Terence Coonan
20.1130 The Florida Center for Prevention Research ISPA 2012-13 Dr. Steven G. Brooks
20.1370 Center for Advancement of Learning and Assessment (CALA) ISPA 2012-13 Dr. Faranak Rohani
20.1380 Center for Information Management and Educational Services (CIMES) ISPA 2012-13 Dr. Rebecca Augustyniak
20.0390 Center for Materials Research and Technology (MARTECH) A&S 2012-13 Dr. David Van Winkle
20.0760 Institute for Cognitive Sciences A&S 2012-13 Dr. Michael Kaschak
20.1180 Winthrop-King Institute for Contemporary French and Francophone Studies A&S 2012-13 Dr. Alec Hargreaves
20.0160 Center for Academic and Professional Development CPD 2012-13 Mr. William Lindner
20.1120 Information Use Management and Policy Institute INFO 2012-13 Dr. Charles McClure
20.1360 Interdisciplinary Center for Leadership, Technology Integration and Critical Literacies (I-CELTIC) Interdisp  INFO 2012-13 Dr. Eliza Dresang
20.1190 Center for Strategic Public Health Preparedness MED 2012-13 Robert G. Brooks, MD
20.1200 Center of Excellence for Patient Safety MED 2012-13 Nir Menachemi
20.1219 Center for Rural Health Research and Policy MED 2012-13 Mr. Art Clawson
20.1240 Center on Medicine and Public Health MED 2012-13 Les Beitsch, MD, JD
20.1390 Autism Institute MED 2012-13 Dr. Amy Wetherby
20.8050 Florida Center for Interactive Media (FCIM)—(FSU approved 10/15/03) STU AFF 2012-13 Mr. Mike Ferguson