Distinguished Teacher Award Submission Instructions

Here is the information to add to your choice of nominations to fulfill the criteria for the Distinguished Teacher Award (DTA):

  1. Make sure you list both the initial award you are applying for on your title page, PLUS list "Distinguished Teacher Award."
  2. Make the DTA addition #5, unless you are using the optional additions, then #6 or #7, as necessary.
  3. The DTA addition consists of the following questions*:
    • What kind(s) of disciplinary expertise and ways of thinking do you help students to develop in your course(s)? How should they grow intellectually, professionally, and personally during the time they have with you? What methods or strategies do you use to help them develop in the ways you value?
  4. The answers for the above questions should be no more than one page in length. *If your initial award choice to apply for is the "Outstanding Teaching in the Major," these will be the same questions, so we ask that you elaborate on your original answers.
  5. You may also add separate, appropriate information to this section up to five pages. However, this is not required.