Award Category Questions

Foundational Course Excellence (U)

How do you identify and help students to build the foundational knowledge and skills that they need to succeed in subsequent courses? How do you create a classroom environment that helps motivate students to learn?

Outstanding Teaching in the Major (U)

What kind(s) of disciplinary expertise and ways of thinking do you help students to develop in your course(s)? How should they grow intellectually, professionally, and personally during the time they have with you? What methods or strategies do you use to help them develop in the ways you value?

Outstanding Undergraduate Advising (U)

How do you support undergraduate students’ academic success through your work as an advisor? How does your guidance help them to develop personally, professionally, and in other ways during their time at FSU? What is most unique and/or effective about your approach?

Outstanding Graduate Teaching (G)

How do you help students to become experts in the discipline during the time they have with you? What methods do you use to make your graduate courses effective? How do you help prepare students for, and help them to pursue, opportunities in their field? How do you mentor or advise them, including by supporting their success in writing and defending theses, dissertations, and/or other high-stakes graduate work (performances, internships, publications, etc.)?

Community Engaged Teaching (U or G)

How did you build mutually beneficial community partnerships through which students could engage in meaningful learning experiences? How did students develop through their work to benefit the community? How did you design the experience so that students could accomplish course learning goals through their work outside the classroom?

Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring (U or G)

What does it mean to you to practice inclusivity? How do you approach this practice intentionally in your teaching and/or mentoring? What impact have you seen on your students (and yourself)?

Innovation in Teaching (U or G)

How have you worked on improving your course over time to enhance student learning? How do you plan to keep improving/enhancing your course to help students thrive/learn?

Excellence in Online Teaching (U or G)

How have you prepared to teach online? What innovations in technology or course design specific to an online environment have you engaged in? How do you make connections with your online students?