Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients

The following list of colleges and schools represent individuals who have received a Distinguished Teacher Award. To be eligible for this award, the faculty member must have received a University Teaching Award at least five years prior to being nominated for the Distinguished Teacher Award. The successful nominee must document continued excellence in teaching for the five years since receipt of the original University Teaching Award. This honor includes a $7500 award funded by Florida State University.

College of Arts & Sciences

Biological Science
Gregory Erickson (2017-18)
Kurt Hofer (1989-90)
Patricia Spears Terebelski (2014-15)

Ronald J. Clark (1989-90)
Kenneth A. Goldsby (1997-98)
Edward Mellon (1989-90)
Computer Science
Stephen P. Leach (1994-95)

Janet G. Burroway (1991-92)
John Fenstermaker (2000-01)
David Kirby (2006-07)
William T. Lhamon (1990-91)
Dennis D. Moore (1998-99)
Eric C. Walker (1995-96)

Donald D. Horward (1989-90)
James P. Jones (1990-91)
William W. Rogers (1990-91)

Karen Burgess Everage (2003-04)

Michael E. Rashotte (1990-91)
James C. Smith (1993-94)

David B. Levenson (1992-93)
Leo Sandon (1990-91)

College of Business

William Christiansen (2007-08)
Pamela K. Coats (2009-10)

College of Communication & Information

Arthur A. Raney (2016-17)
Mark Zeigler (2008-09)

Communication Science & Disorders
Lisa A. Scott (2015-16)

College of Education

Educational Research
Robert A. Reiser (1999-2000)

Middle & Secondary Education
Pamela Carroll (2005-06)

FAMU-FSU College of Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Raphael Kampmann (2020-21)

College of Human Sciences

Family & Child Sciences
Carol A. Darling (1996-97)
Lenore McWey (2011-12)

Nutrition, Food & Exercise Sciences
Michael Ormsbee (2019-20)
Shridhar K. Sathe (2002-03)

College of Medicine

Charles C. Ouimet (2004-05)

College of Music

Clifford K. Madsen (1989-90)
John Parks, IV (2018-19)
Matthew Shaftel (2012-13)

College of Social Science & Public Policy

Jill Quadagno (2010-11)
Annette Schwabe (2013-14)