Guidelines for Preparing A Binder For the University Undergraduate Advising Award

NOTE: If these guidelines are not followed, the binder will not be considered for an award and will be returned to the department.

All items listed below should be placed in a three-ring binder (at least 1″ deep, as space needs to be left available for nomination form(s) and up to 30 student questionnaires). Include the nominee’s name on the backbone of the binder or a name label will be put there for you.

Keep the binder as short and concise as possible; separate individual sections as specified below using “five tab” index tab dividers, such as Avery® Clear Label Index Maker® Presentation Dividers – 5 Tabs – #11416; do not use plastic sheet protectors.

The following items should be included in the binder:

Title Page

The title page should list the nominee’s name, rank or position, department/college and date of hire at FSU. State prominently on the title page that this is for an Undergraduate Advising Award.

The title should be the very first page in the binder; do not use an index tab divider for the title page. If possible, it should also be used as the binder cover.

Eligibility Checklist (Index Tab 1, labeled “Eligibility Checklist”)

Insert signed Eligibility Checklist.

Up-to-date Vitae/Résumé (Index Tab 2, labeled “Curriculum Vitae” or “Résumé,” as appropriate)

A complete, up-to-date curriculum vitae (if the nominee is a faculty member) or a current résumé (if nominee is an A&P advisor).

Assignment of Responsibilities (Index Tab 3, labeled “Responsibilities”)

Assignment of responsibilities (if the nominee is a faculty member) or a statement of responsibilities of the nominee’s position (if nominee is an A&P advisor).

Supervisory Letter (Index Tab 4, labeled “Supervisory Letter”)

A letter from the nominee’s supervisor describing the reasons the nominee is deserving of an award. Only one supervisory letter will be accepted; others will be deleted.

Nomination Form(s) (Index Tab 5, labeled “Nomination Forms”)

This section of the binder will be empty when submitted to the Office of the Provost. Upon receipt of the binder, the Office of the Provost will place copies of all nomination forms into this section of the binder. These forms will be returned to nominee after completion of the award process, unless requested otherwise.

Student Listing (Index Tab 6, labeled “Student Listing”)

A list of students for whom the nominee has served as adviser during the prior and/or current academic year.

Statement on Advising Philosophy (Index Tab 7, labeled “Advising Philosophy”)

Please include a one page statement of your advising philosophy.

Other supporting materials (Index Tab 8, labeled “Other Materials”)

Other supporting materials not to exceed five pages (e.g., copy or list of prior awards, original/unique materials used for advising, etc.).

Student Questionnaires (Index Tab 9, labeled “Student Questionnaires”)

You may distribute up to 30 questionnaires. Please outline the criteria used for distribution of the questionnaire and include in this section of the binder. Upon receipt of the binder, the Office of the Provost will place copies of all completed student questionnaires into this section of the binder. These questionnaires will remain confidential and will not be returned to nominee after completion of the award process.

Please note that all student questionnaires must be returned by the student directly to the University Teaching and Advising Awards Committee in care of the Provost’s Office (do not have them returned to the departmental office). Questionnaires may be mailed, faxed to 850.644.0172, or e-mailed to