Teaching and Advising Awards Frequently Asked Questions

I have been nominated for an award, but only received a copy of the letter to my department chair/dean. What do I need to do?
Most departments have someone that will help you gather information for your binders.

Are the awards monetary? If so, are they lump sum or added to our base salary?
Yes, they are monetary: $2000 for a teaching or advising award and $7500 for a distinguished teacher award. These are a one-time payout, lump sum award (less taxes).

Why are there so many nominees as compared to a few years ago?
We automatically include those eligible faculty who received a 90% or better rating of “Excellent” on question #8 of the SUSSAI or question #13 of the SPCI for teaching awards (i.e., “overall instructor rating”).

I have been nominated for a teaching award. How do I determine whether to choose the graduate or undergraduate category?
You should apply for the category associated with the person that nominated you. This will be noted in the listing of nominees that are mailed to you with your nomination notification.

I am an Adjunct Instructor, am I eligible?
No, adjunct positions are not permanent positions and therefore are not eligible.

If you get a nomination for a GTA/TA, what happens to the forms?
These are forwarded on to the PIE program office that is in charge of coordinating the teaching awards for the GTA/TAs.

How do you count five years prior for the eligibility of a teaching or advising award if I previously won an award?
Say this academic year is 2015-16, then you would not be eligible unless you won your award BEFORE OR INCLUDING 2010-2011.
[NOTE: different rules apply for the distinguished teacher award]

I have been on sabbatical this year, am I still eligible?
If you have a two-semester sabbatical this academic year, then you are probably not eligible; if you had a one-semester sabbatical and taught at least two courses in the rest of this academic year, then you probably are. Refer to #3 of the Eligibility criteria.

Who can I contact for help?
If your department has submitted these before, they can probably help you. If you have a question not covered above, you can call the Provost’s office at 644-3032 or -1816. If it is a more complicated question, you may be referred to the committee chair.