Eligibility for Teaching and Advising Awards

To qualify for a University Teaching Award, the nominee must (1) hold a permanent, full-time faculty appointment as a tenured, tenure-track, or specialized faculty; (2) have completed at least two full years of teaching at Florida State University; (3) have taught at least two courses in the year of the award (including summer term); and (4) have not received a university-wide teaching award during the last five years.

To qualify for the University Distinguished Teacher Award, the nominee must have received a University Teaching Award at least five years prior to the current academic year. If a nominee has received more than one teaching award, the five-year period starts with the date of the first award, that is, the nominee is eligible even if a second award was received during the last five years. The above requirements (University Teaching Award) related to appointment status also applies to this award. If nominee has received Distinguished Teacher Award before, they have to start the process over again—i.e., they are only eligible for a Teaching Award after five years from winning an award. Only one Distinguished Teacher Award per person can ever be won, but multiple Teaching Awards can be won as long as eligibility requirements are met each time.

To qualify for the University Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising, the nominee must (1) be a full-time A&P position advisor or hold a permanent, full-time faculty appointment using the criteria for a full-time assignment as noted in the categories above; (2) have served as advisor to undergraduate students at Florida State University for at least one full year; (3) have substantial involvement in and commitment to the advising of undergraduate students; and (4) have not previously received a university award for undergraduate advising during the last five years.