Organizational Certification in Trauma and Resilience

Florida State University's Trauma and Resilience Course was developed to assist organizations in obtaining a heightened awareness of the impact of trauma and the hope of resilience. The two-hour, online, self-paced course is highly interactive and based on the latest research on trauma and resilience.

As a result of taking the course, employees within an organization will be able to recite a shared definition of trauma, summarize the prevalence of trauma, recognize the types of trauma (specifically Adverse Childhood Experiences and vicarious trauma), and identify the impact of both trauma and vicarious trauma.

In addition, the employees will learn the hope of resilience. This includes a shared definition of resilience, the factors that help both children and adults build resilience, and the ability to differentiate between resilience and posttraumatic growth.

Organizations achieving a 90% completion rate will earn Florida State University's Trauma Aware Certification for Organizations, the first step on a journey of becoming a "trauma responsive," when the organization transforms its way of work.

"The content included in this training was well thought out. I appreciated the flow of the modules and how interactive/engaging the information was presented. Now more than ever, understanding trauma and resilience is critical when navigating relationships on a personal and professional level."

"This course is valuable to everyone in all areas of work and life. The more we understand how genetics, life-style, relationships, community and environment impact how we deal with situations and circumstances in our lives the better we can be at supporting others and managing our personal encounters. The course is well-worth the time spent."

"I think this is a much-needed course and just really helped open my eyes a little wider to be in tune with trauma as it is walking and talking with us daily."