Current Listing of Institutes/Centers

I/C Code Affiliation / Name Director
20.0160 Center for Academic and Professional Development Mr. William Lindner
20.0560 The Frederick L. Jenks Center for Intensive English Studies Dr. Patrick Kennell
Learning Systems Institute  
20.0330 Learning Systems Institute Dr. Jeffrey Ayala Milligan
International Programs  
20.8020 Florida-Costa Rica Linkage Institute (FLORICA) Ms. Gisela Fisher
College of Applied Studies (Panama City, FL campus)  
20.1550 FSU Panama City STEM Institute Dr. John Smith
College of Arts and Sciences  
20.0140 Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS) Dr. Eric Chassignet
20.0240 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute (GFDI) Dr. Kevin Speer
20.0310 Institute of Molecular Biophysics Dr. Piotr Fajer
20.0430 Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility Dr. Sherwood W. Wise
20.0760 Institute for Cognitive Sciences Dr. Michael Kaschak
20.0810 Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution Dr. Rafe Blaufarb
20.0870 Middle East Studies Center Dr. Zeina Schlenoff
20.0960 Statistical Consulting Center Dr. Steve Ramsier
20.1000 Institute for Fishery Resource Ecology (IFRE) Dr. Felicia C. Coleman
20.1040 Institute on World War II and the Human Experience Dr. G. Kurt Piehler
20.1180 Winthrop-King Institute for Contemporary French and Francophone Studies Dr. Martin Munro
20.1410 Karst Environmental Center (KEC) Dr. Bill (Xiaolong) Hu
20.1420 Center for Security and Assurance in IT (C-SAIT) Dr. Mike Burmester
20.1520 Center for Humanities and Society Dr. John Kelsay
College of Business  
20.0550 Center for Risk Management Education and Research Dr. Lynne McChristian
20.0580 Human Resource Management Center Dr. Pamela Perrewe
20.0710 Institute for Applied Business Research Dr. Jeffery Horton
20.0820 International Center for Hospitality Research and Development Dr. Woo (Woody) G. Kim
20.0890 Real Estate Research Center Dr. Dean Gatzlaff
20.1010 Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship Dr. F. Randy Blass
20.1060 Carl DeSantis Center for Executive Management Education Dr. Frederick “Leff” Bonney
20.1480 Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center Dr. Lorilee Medders
College of Communication and Information  
20.0190 Communication Research Center Dr. Jay Rayburn
20.0850 L.L. Schendel Speech and Hearing Clinic Dr. Lisa Scott
20.1120 Information Use Management and Policy Institute Dr. Charles McClure
20.1330 Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication Dr. Sindy Chapa
20.1340 FSU Project Management Center Dr. John DuBard
20.1500 Institute for Intercultural Communication and Research (with the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs) Dr. Stephen D. McDowell and Dr. Cynthia Green
20.1510 Communication and Early Childhood Research and Practice Center Dr. Juliann J. Woods
20.1540 Institute for Digital Information and Scientific Communication Dr. Gregory Riccardi
College of Criminology and Criminal Justice  
20.1260 Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research Dr. Thomas Blomberg
College of Education  
20.0620 Center for the Study of Technology in Counseling and Career Development Dr. James Sampson
20.0860 Hardee Center on Leadership and Values Dr. Mary Coburn
20.1580 Center for Sport, Health and Equitable Development Dr. Joshua I. Newman
20.1620 Center for Education Research in Mathematics, Engineering and Science (CERMES) Dr. Sherry Southerland
20.1640 Center for Postsecondary Success Dr. Shouping Hu
College of Engineering  
20.1230 Center for Intelligent Systems, Control and Robotics (CISCOR) Dr. Emmanuel G. Collins
20.1300 High Performance Materials Institute (HPMI) Dr. Richard Liang
20.1400 Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion (FCAAP) [DESIGNATED A CENTER OF EXCELLENCE BY THE LEGISLATURE] Dr. Lou Cattafesta
20.1570 Aeropropulsion, Mechatronics and Energy (AME) Center Dr. Chiang Shih
20.1690 Center for Accessibility and Safety for an Aging Population (ASAP Center) Dr. John Sobanjo
20.1710 Center for Transportation and Public Safety Dr. Lisa Spainhour
20.8040 Energy and Sustainability Center Dr. Juan Ordonez
College of Fine Arts  
20.1320 Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography Prof. Carla Peterson
20.1720 Themed Experience Institute Dr. Peter Weishar
College of Human Sciences  
20.0200 Center for Couple and Family Therapy Dr. Kristen Greene
20.0210 Florida State University Family Institute Dr. Frank Fincham
20.1280 Center for Retail, Merchandising and Product Development Ms. Ann Langston
20.1290 Center on Better Health and Life for Underserved Populations (with ISPA) Dr. Penny Ralston
20.1450 Center for Advancing Exercise and Nutrition Research on Aging Dr. Bahram H. Arjmandi
20.1530 Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine Dr. Chester Ray
College of Medicine  
20.1200 Center of Excellence for Patient Safety Dr. Leslie Beitsch
20.1219 Florida Blue Center for Rural Health Research and Policy Dr. Gail Bellamy
20.1240 Center on Medicine and Public Health Dr. George Rust
20.1390 Autism Institute Dr. Amy M. Wetherby
20.1440 Center on Global Health Dr. Daniel Van Durme
20.1490 Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine and Law (with the College of Law) Dr. Marshall Kapp
20.1600 Center for Underrepresented Minorities in Academic Medicine Dr. Leslie Beitsch, Interim
20.1650 Center for Behavioral Health Integration Dr. Heather Flynn
20.1670 Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine (with the College of Arts and Sciences) Dr. Daniel Vera
20.1680 Center for Brain Repair Dr. Pradeep Bhide
20.1730 Center for Child Stress and Health Dr. Elena Reyes
College of Music  
20.0120 Center for Music Research Dr. John Geringer
20.0570 Center for Music of the Americas Dr. Denise Von Glahn
20.1270 Institute for Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy Dr. Jayne Standley
  College of Nursing  
20.1590 Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Center for Research and Evidence Based Practice Dr. Eileen Cormier
20.1740 Center for Indigenous Nursing Research for Health Equity Dr. John Lowe
College of Social Sciences and Public Policy  
20.0170 Center for Demography and Population Health Dr. Karin Brewster
20.0250 Gus A. Stavros Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Economic Education Dr. James Gwartney
20.0350 Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy Dr. Anne Barrett
20.0360 DeVoe L. Moore Center for the Study of Critical Issues in Economic Policy and Government Dr. Samuel Staley
20.0680 Florida Center for Public Management Dr. Ben Green
20.0720 Center for Disaster Risk Policy Dr. David Merrick
20.0725 Center for Civic and Nonprofit Leadership Dr. Ralph Brower
20.1030 Claude Pepper Center (with University of South Florida and Miami-Dade Community College, Kendall Campus) Dr. Larry Polivka
20.1350 Center for the Study of Democratic Performance Dr. William Berry
20.1700 L. Charles Hilton Center for the Study of Economic Prosperity and Individual Opportunity Dr. Shawn Kantor
20.9060 LeRoy Collins Institute Dr. Carol Weissert
College of Social Work  
20.0290 Institute for Social Work Research Dr. James Clark
20.0990 Institute for Family Violence Studies Dr. Karen Oehme
20.1100 Trinity Institute for the Addictions Dr. James Clark
20.1660 Florida Institute for Child Welfare Dr. Jessica Pryce
Institute of Science and Public Affairs  
20.0050 Center for Biomedical and Toxicological Research and Hazardous Waste Management Dr. Roy Herndon
20.0150 Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy Dr. Mimi Graham
20.0220 Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium and FCRC Consensus Center Dr. Robert M. Jones
20.0230 Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center (FREAC) Dr. Stephen Hodge
20.0260 Institute for Academic Leadership Dr. Lawrence G. Abele
20.0320 Institute of Science and Public Affairs (ISPA) Dr. Stephen Hodge
20.0520 Institute for Cooperative Environmental Research (ICER) Dr. Roy Herndon
20.0700 Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis Dr. Julie Harrington
20.0730 Florida State Climate Center (Sub-unit of COAPS) Prof. David Zierden
20.1110 Center for the Advancement of Human Rights Dr. Terence Coonan
20.1130 The Florida Center for Prevention Research Dr. Thomas Bowermeister
20.1380 Center for Information Management and Educational Services Dr. Rebecca H. Augustyniak
20.1470 Center for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Innovation (CHERTI) Dr. Thomas Kent (T.K.) Wetherell
20.9070 John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government Dr. Jeff Hendry
  Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for  
20.1630 Institute for Successful Longevity Dr. Neil Charness
Research, Office of the Vice President for  
20.1310 Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS) Dr. Roger D. McGinnis, Sr.
20.1560 Future Fuels Institute Dr. Ryan Rodgers
20.1610 Health Equity Research Institute (HERI) Dr. Penny Ralston
UF led (Joint with UF, UF being lead) Florida Climate Institute Dr. James W. Jones, Director (UF); Dr. Eric P. Chassignet, Co-Director (FSU)
Student Affairs, Office of the Vice President for  
20.8050 Florida Center for Interactive Media (FCIM) Mr. Mike Ferguson

as of 05/23/2017